This book is untitled Perfume written by the German writer Patrick Süskind in 1985.

This novel tells the story of Jean Baptiste Grenouille, a strange man but with a very special gift. In fact, Grenouille can smell everything, every odors, every living creatures, every aromas... But he doesn't have any odors himself. So he is rejected by all the people he meets.

He will do research during all his life in order to found the better perfume, the most magnificent because he wants control all the population, he wants his vengeance on the humans.To do it he will have to kill, lie and do a lots of weird experiences.

This novel is very interesting because the character seen the world differently, he doesn't watch the world with his eyes but with his nose, his sense is very developed and during the story the reader tries to understand Grenouille's character.

We can also discover France during the 18th century, famous cities like Paris or Grasse, and how lived the population in this period.

In 2006 Perfume was adapted in movie by Tom Tykwer, the movie is faithful to the book but we can't have access to the character's psychological aspect and I think it's the most interesting so it's less surprising.

In my opinion, it's a very good book, and read it is better to understand the story !

Olivia .R 1°L1