During the all saints holidays, I went to a reggae festival the "Zion Garden" which is near us at Laudun. I was with my friend Lola and two our friends Gregoire and Victor, we pitched our tents on a little green space dedicated for campers because the festival was during three successive days so we decided to stayed sleep to avoid doing unnecessary journeys all the day. I very liked this good vibe, there was some unbelivable people who could came from Avignon or Rennes and we were very lucky cause there was spring's good weather. Then, during the day we just made the most of present moment and evening, there was the concerts wich gather some international artists like Natty Jean who was a member of the famous reggae band : Danakil.


Concerts are inside Laudun's forum and there was a little space outside which they could find stands for clothes, jewellery, any sorts of trinket and original food. During the second evening, I and Lola was looking for a stand because we felt peckish. We're attractred by a specific and pleasurable odour which came from very colorful stand. It was falafels and there was the first time I heard this word but there was so fantastic! Falafels is a deep friedbeans or both. It is a traditional middle eastern food, usually served in a pita, which acts as a pocket, or wrapped. Personnaly, I prefer wrapped falafel with vegetables, this is a full meal. Moreover, this "meal" is not expensive, very easy to reproduce at home and it is vegetarian food so it is a good point for our animals and it give positive aspect for the planet.

So, let's eat together falafels! ;)




Katia, 1ère L2