Hello everybody ! :)

Today, I would like to talk with you about some movies !

The first one is Dorian Gray”. This movie was shot in 2009 but, originally, it is a book written by Oscar Wilde in 1890.

Le Portrait de Dorian Gray

The story is really interesting because it allows the reader (or the viewer) to question himself about a lot of things like the eternal youth or about what your beauty allows you to do ; but I will sum up the story to you understand what I am talking about.

 /!\ I will try to don’t spoil the story so don’t be afraid, you can read it peacefully ! ^^

 So, the story is the one of Dorian Gray (but I think that you have already guessed that). At the beginning, we can see Dorian coming back in London, in his dead grand-father house (effectively, Dorian inherited of this house). At that time, Dorian is still innocent, practically angelic, because of his beautiful face and his wonderful smile BUT (because there is always a “but”) when Basil Hallward make a portrait of Dorian, this last becomes aware that he is awesome and it is the starting-point of a very bad life ; Dorian will become the complete opposite of the person he was when he arrived in London. Based on Lord Henry Wottom advices, Dorian lives now a really bad life in which he doesn’t respect ladies and does horrible things.

I know that, show in that way, the story seems not really attractive but maybe you will be interest if I tell you that the portrait made Basil grow old instead of Dorian ! Then Dorian can stay young forever !

So, this portrait become old but it also reflects Dorian soul : the portrait becomes as ugly as is Dorian’s soul…

So this story is really interesting and fascinating !

 If I have to put a mark to this movie I will probably put : 19/20 ! (but it ‘s just my opinion ^^).

 (the link if you want to see the trailer) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eAQWllCHHU


The second movie is The English patient( or“Le patient anglais”  in French).

This movie was shot in 1996 but, just like for Dorian Gray, it was originally a book, written by Michael Ondaatje in 1992 (the title was changed for the movie ; the title of the book is "L’Homme flambé").


This movie deals with a man, a man burned precisely, and a nurse who cares about him.

The man seems to have forgotten is name, his nationality and practically everything about himself. The only thing that he remembers is the songs he heard during his life.

As I said, this man is burned and it is because of a plane crash that we see at the beginning of the movie ; this plane crash is in the desert, at he end of the Second World War.

This man was saved by others men who were in the desert. Now (after 2 or 3 minutes after the beginning) who see this man burned in an ambulance. All the war-wounded* are transported toward Italy but during the journey, the ambulances have to stop and a nurse find a old monastery where she decided to stop with the man burned until he dies.

So, the nurse and the man burned go in this monastery and live some days peacefully but, suddenly, a mysterious man appears and he spends with the man burned a lot of hours everyday. They talk. Or more exactly the mysterious man talk and by the things he says he awakens the man burned's memories.

Obviously, I will not tell you what these “flashbacks” reveal about this man’s life (you have to see the movie to discover that ;) ) but I can say you an important thing : in his past, the man burned loved a lady and this love was the most important thing in his life !

This love story is beautiful, even wonderful ! And please, don’t thing that it is something for “little girls”, something “nian nian” (as we can say in french) ! It is a really beautiful story as the film directors don’t make anymore !

 I admit that at the end I cried, and I am not ashamed to say that because, you know, normally, the movies which make you cry are the most wonderful !

 My mark : 20/20.

 The trailer if you want : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBRr5fY0c-U


And the third movie is Le tombeau des lucioles ("Hotaru no haka" in Japanese).

This movie is not really a “movie” since it is an “anime” it means a Japanese cartoon.

It was inspired by the novel “Le tombeau des lucioles” written by Akiyuki Nosaka and it is the famous Isao Takahata who made the anime in 1988.


Le tombeau des lucioles” is the story of a boy, Seita (approximatively 10-12 years old), and his little sister Setsuko (5 or 6 years old). In 1945, firebombs are thrown on the little town where they live with their mother. This last is hurt and finally dead. Seita and Setsuko have to live in their aunt’s house now. But this women is not really kind with them so Seita decides to leave this house and with his sister he goes live in a shelter*.

They have some money so they live happily for a time but, because of the war, everything will become expensive and they will be quickly unable to feed themselves… I let you guess the end…

 I know that, this time, the story seems really sad (and in fact it is) but it is a very good movie and a beautiful one too !! It brings some hard emotions and it really marks the viewer. I watched some interviews of people who watched this movie and you know what ? A lot of them, who are adults, didn’t wanted to see it again, even three or four years after they watched it for the first time, because it is a quite hard movie in the way that the story of this poor boy and his little sister is realistic and really touching !!

 My mark : 20/20.

The trailer :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVAXuCZMRmM ( I am sorry, it’s in French, I didn’t find one in English ><”)


So, I hope that I give the desire to watch, at least, one of these movies and if you watch one of them please put a comment to give your opinion !!

Have a nice day ! :)


* war wounded = blessés de guerre.

* shetler = un abri.